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Construction Disputes

Our consultants have worked for both owners and EPC firms in arbitration proceedings over the engineering, construction and expansion/reconstruction of pipelines, production facilities, natural gas processing plants, condensate splitting facilities, terminals, and refineries. Our industry backgrounds, coupled with project experience, allow us to address issues related to project management, execution, and staffing, as well as industry standards, codes, specifications, change orders, testing, feed and product quality, and performance guarantees.

Due Diligence

The consultants at Pearson Adair & Co. have worked globally on a broad spectrum of due diligence assignments. Our in-house knowledge base includes both the technical resources and the commercial data and information required to evaluate opportunities in the energy sector worldwide.

Litigation Support

We provide consulting support to stakeholders with interests in the energy sector. Services range from small assignments that may be limited to telephone consultation, or more complex technical and commercial analyses, including expert services requiring detailed, formal reports.

Project Development

Our service has project experience with natural gas processing plants, natural gas, and NGL pipelines and underground storage. Our firm has worked with owners to select technology, determine project feasibility, develop scope of work, negotiate contracts, and monitor construction, testing, and startup.


Pearson Adair & Co. provides valuation services to stakeholders in the energy space. Whether your needs are limited to niche market assessment or require worldwide market assessment, Pearson Adair professionals have the technical, and commercial knowledge and experience to evaluate most aspects of the energy value chain.

Royalty Disputes

Pearson Adair & Co. consultants have provided expert testimony on complex natural gas royalty disputes involving the marketability of natural gas, the reasonableness of post-production costs, and unbundling of gathering, compression, and processing costs under Federal regulations. We have offered expert opinions and delivered technical and commercial testimony in contract disputes at mediation, in arbitration proceedings, in state/federal courts and before legislative bodies.

Bankruptcy Advisory

Energy sector bankruptcies are typically very complex requiring multi-faceted advisory teams with direct industry experience and sector content knowledge. Our bankruptcy/workout advisory experience includes large worldwide marketing and trading companies, providers serving the gas-liquids-refined products segments, energy sector service providers, exploration and production companies, refiners and refined product marketers. Whatever your needs, Pearson Adair & Co. can provide the advisory services necessary to efficiently navigate the unforeseen circumstances that often accompany bankruptcy.

Contract Negotiation

The energy sector is a complex, contract-intensive industry. From leases in the upstream to so-called “blanket” contracts for refined products distribution and marketing, written contracts create the framework for engineering design, operations, risk allocation, and profitability for stakeholders. With more than 80 years of combined experience, Pearson Adair & Co. professionals have reviewed hundreds, if not thousands, of industry contracts, assessed contract value, and evaluated the integration of commercial agreements with technical design/operations worldwide. Whatever your needs, Pearson Adair can support the negotiations necessary to achieve your commercial goals.

Project Feasibility

Project Feasibility is critical in the energy industry. Whether a multi-party syndicate or a single-entity developer, capital allocation typically limits project development. Credible evaluation of project potential is often the difference between completion of a successful project and a project that fails to get off the ground. Whatever your needs, Pearson Adair & Co. can provide the evaluation services necessary to achieve your project goals.

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